I, Marie-Annick Courtier, is the Founder of CM Academy

As a French and European Table Tennis Champion, I quickly realized the importance of a healthy lifestyle for optimum performance. Years of competitions and coaching taught me the importance of mastering the mind, minding the body, and mending the heart to experience success, inner peace and the heartfelt joy of happiness. 

It was, then, that my interest in physical and mental health started. Over the years, my quest for knowledge brought me to explore various pathways. These included college studies, many specialty courses, and getting mentored by various coaches. Years of learning from Zen teachers and Buddhist Masters opened up my heart to understanding suffering, the law of impermanence and the art of happiness. Working as a Professional Trained Chef gave me rare insights on the school system, culinary & food industries, and challenging farming world. 

Considering the suffering and poor eating habits I witnessed in the US, I decided to start my Health and Wellness Business Named "Chef Marie". Early 2000, I created the "Personal Healthy Chef" Program to promote healthier cooking and eating habits. From 2005 to March 2018, that copyrighted material was marketed under another name (Personal Fitness Chef) by a fitness school (Nesta) in order to further my mission. To meet my clients needs, I wrote dozen of healthy cookbooks that became valuable nutritional and healing resources for those suffering from specific diseases. Additionally, I worked on various health projects with doctors, registered dietitians and wellness experts. With my permission, some of my work was published in other books or utilize to promote healthy eating. Various magazines and newspapers publicized my healthy recipes and gave me great reviews. 

I gladly shared my expertise on a few radio shows, helped design educational programs, organized or judged healthy cooking competitions, worked with Personal Chefs and Chefs, taught in Culinary School, and provided demonstrations or lectures for companies promoting wellness and healthy lifestyle in the United States and abroad. For five years, I donated time to promote healthy eating in schools and through local nonprofit health organization. Finally, I participated in the development and promotion of healthier and organic food products. 

Two decades later, I am grateful for the numerous business partners that embraced my healthy mission and what they taught me. I am also thankful for all the ventures that enriched my wellness business and clients throughout the health, fitness, wellness and culinary industries. That said, I eventually came to realize that my true passion was making a difference in the life of others while reducing their suffering. It did not matter what industry I was in, coaching and inspiring others was what brought me the most joy and fueled my happiness. As interesting projects continued to be offered to me, and my time more and more limited, I had to take difficult decisions. I let go of work that no longer served my wellness mission, my beliefs or, increasinbly, challenged my moral codes in these tumultuous times. I am now solely concentrating on coaching individuals, Personal Chefs, Restaurateurs and small Businesses.  I look forwards inspiring more people to reach their potentials, while enjoying inner peace, good health and happiness. If you are in a need of coaching, mentoring or simply someone to support you in a difficult time, please feel free to contact me.  I will be glad to assist you in any way I can!


 Personal Development, Carrier, Emotional - Physical - Spiritual Wellbeing

Awareness, Problem Solving, Focus, Empowerment, Stress Relief, Relaxation Techniques, Pain Relief, Good Sleep

Table Tennis, Tennis, Fitness Training


For the Health, Wellness, Fitness, Culinary and Organic Farming Industries

Business Analysis, Development, General Operations, Marketing, Website, Social Media

Personal Chef, Catering, Restaurant (including Menu and Recipes Design) 

Program and Product Development

Promotion, Demonstration and Launching Event

Birmingham University Certification: Good Brain, Bad Brain: Form & Function of The Human Brain
Monash University Certifications (3): Mindfulness for Wellbeing & Peak Performance 

- Food as Medicine - Health & Wellness Coaching
Exercise & Nutrition Works Certification: Fitness & Nutrition Specialist 

Nesta : Fitness Trainer, Fitness & Sports Nutrition Coach, Sports Hypnosis Certified 

Online Coach, Wellness & Life Coaching, Master Health & Wellness Coaching 

Ecole du Vin de France -Viticulture and Oenology
WSET-Level 2 Wines and Spirits
​Century Business College Certifications (4): Food & Beverage Management - 

Culinary Arts - Bartender - Pastries, Breads & Confectionary

Wilton School: Cake Design & Decorating Program Certifications (Level I, II, III)
World Pastry Forum Certifications: Individual to Masterpiece Pastries - Confectionary
Van Den Meer University & US Professional Registry: Tennis Instructor & Coach
French Federation & US Table Tennis Association: State & National Level Coach
CYSA - Youth Soccer Coach

Meditation/concentration/relaxation techniques practitioner and instructor for more than 40 years

St. Vincent de Paul, Mercy House, Reverend Jerome Karcher, CareMore Medical Health Care Group, local chapters of Diabetic Association - Heart Association - Multiple Sclerosis, Nesta-Spencer Institute, Dr. Apostolos Pappas (The Saint-Tropez Diet), Dr. Stuart Fisher (The Park Avenue Diet), Nutrition and Exercise Works, R.D. Lucho Crisalle, Dr. Whitney Tanner, James Villepigue, Hugo Rivera, D. Dunn (Football Pro), Jeannie Luong (Excel Realty), McDermott-Will & Emery Law Office, Prudential California Realty, MLC Solutions, iiChef International Association, Uncle Ben, French Gourmet, Paris Bistro, Century Business College, France Organics, Girl Scouts of America, Allstate, Community Senior Services, Inc., OC Kid Healthy, Cooking Up Change, Premium Gold Flax, Miller Family Farm, Hatherleigh Press, Get Fit Now Foundation, LMDT French Organic Products, Crispa Crepes, many US Colleges and Culinary Schools, dozens of Orange County High School Schools Culinary Programs and many individuals... 

The Healthy Chef Certification Program (Coming Soon!)
Food and Wine Pairing Demystified - Chef Marie Personal Guide (Version #2 coming soon!)
Cooking Well: Mediterranean
Cooking Well: Multiple Sclerosis
Cooking Well: Wheat Allergies
Cooking Well: Thyroid Health
Cooking Well: Fibromyalgia
Cooking Well: Osteoporosis
Cooking Well: Prostate Health
Cooking Well: Garlic


 The Body Sculpting Bible Express for Men with Sculpt 21 Diet Plan
The Body Sculpting Bible Express for Women with Sculpt 21 Diet Plan
The Park Avenue Plan for Weight Loss
The Saint-Tropez Diet
The Code: Personal Life Coaching Success Blueprint

OC Metro
Westways Magazine
Uptown San Diego District Magazine
OC Flair
North Orange County Magazine
New York Post
New York Daily News
Life & Style Magazine
Women’s Health
Health News Digest
Fox News
Dr. Stuart Fisher Radio Show
San Diego French Radio

Get Fit Now (2007-2018)
ACF-OECA (2010-2013)
KID HEALTHY - CUC (2012-2014)
Les Dames d'Escoffier - LA/OC Chapter (2015)
iiChef World Healthy Eating Organization (2010-2018) - Emeritus France

IFWTWA Member - International Food, Wine, Travel Writers Association (2016 to present)


2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 Spectrum Award for Excellence in Customer Service - City Beat News
 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014 Volunteer Recognition Awards - Kid Healthy OC
2011, 2012 & 2013 Outstanding Service Awards - ACF OC/LA Chapter

2011 City of Santa Ana Proclamation for Recognizing Childhood Nutrition & Hunger Day, Malnutrition, and Obesity

2012 City of Santa Ana Certificate of Recognition - ACF Chef & Child Foundation

OC Fair & Event Center Certification of Excellence in Culinary Arts & Culinary Arts Judge 2012


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